Teapigs Plastic Free


We’re so incredible proud to be the first tea company to be awarded the A Plastic Planet’s Plastic-Free Trust Mark. A super hassle-free way for those wishing to ditch the plastics and spot plastic-free options on shelves.

Our tea temples have always been biodegradable. They’re made from corn-starch and you can put them in your council food waste bins.

Our temples are packaged in a clear inner bag to keep them fresh: late last year, we switched from a plastic inner bag to a material called Natureflex it's made from wood pulp so it's 100% plant-based and compostable. It’s great! says Louise, Teapigs tea taster.

We’re really pleased to have been accredited with A Plastic Planet’s Plastic-Free Trust Mark – it’ll make it easier for consumers to make the right decisions about the products they buy.

By stocking Teapigs you are helping us to reduce the plastic going into our oceans. Make sure you are putting Teapigs temples in your food waste collection.

Teapigs Plastic Free